Your Comprehensive Healthcare Solution

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What Med2You Does

Med2You is an on demand medical service, offering on site and telehealth medical care bringing healthcare direct to you.

Our healthcare team provides comprehensive care, tailored to the needs of your patient population.

At Med2You, we believe healthcare treatment must communicate across a specialties, not in silos. Primary care, behavioral health, as well as nutritional and wellness services are all part of our comprehensive care team.

Our combination of evidence-based treatment and inclusion of modern information technology enables us to improve the quality of care while simultaneously reducing the cost, especially when compared to traditional healthcare delivery and solo practitioner contracting.

In short, we provide a comprehensive “plug-and-play” healthcare solution.

How Does Med2You Benefit You?

1. High Quality Of Care

Our providers are not incentivized by volume. They only care about providing the best care possible to your clients. This allows for a collaborative and holistic approach to reach a desired goal.

2. Proven Cost Savings

Every dollar invested in Med2You produces savings that impact your bottom line. Utilizing our on-site and preventative healthcare model results in fewer trips to the emergency department and specialty care visits bypassing traditional care with modern technologies like on demand e-appointments to provide a cost effective healthcare alternatives. We save one of our clients over $150,000/year on healthcare services alone.

3. We Handle All Healthcare Needs

Whether your facility needs a medical director, a primary care provider, a psychiatric provider or a combination of the above, Med2You can tailor a comprehensive healthcare solution that meets your facility’s needs. We take care of all things healthcare related—both direct [clinical services] and indirect [administrative, regulatory]—so that you can spend your time doing what you do best.

4. Convenience and Dependability

We bring healthcare to you. No more long trips to doctor’s offices, rushed visits, or time wasted. We make it easy for your residents to get the care they need. We know your facility’s programming is full and your staff’s time is valuable. That’s why we design our clinical services around you, the client. When was the last time your doctor’s appointment started on time, or even early? Med2You takes the hassles out of healthcare.

5. We’re friendly, flexible and easy to deal with

No more unpleasant phone calls or difficult personalities. It’s our job to provide clinical support to your staff and healthcare for your clientele, and we enjoy our job. We take pride in creating meaningful relationships with our clients.

6. 24/7 Availability

We can offer services that are available around the clock, whether it’s in person, or through various secure telehealth platforms.

How Med2You Works

Our clients seek our services when they are struggling to meet the healthcare needs of their clients or employees. We add the value of medical provider coverage and even manage the customer's overall health and wellness service delivery, so our clients can focus on what they do best.

We work with you to asses your needs and tailor a solution specific to each individual client, that is both cost effective and comprehensive.

Med2You comprehensive care services can include:

  • Family Practice and Internal Medicine
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Initial Patient Assessment
    and Treatment Coordination
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Minor Emergency Care
  • Sick Visits
  • Medical Director services
  • Drug Screening
  • Biometric Screenings and Preventative Care
  • Lab Services
  • Radiology services
  • Vaccinations
  • Chronic Condition/Disease Management
  • Nutrition Services
  • Wellness and Fitness


Med2You and its practitioners provide indispensable medical and psychiatric care to our residents. They maintain a high standard of care that is compassionate and responsible. Veronica is always available to help manage emergencies, after-hours admissions, and complex patients. She is responsive to every question and works hard to coordinate care with other providers as well as staying up to date on current research to ensure that she and her staff are applying best practices to individual cases. Med2You staff are friendly and accessible and they readily accommodate last minute changes, making it easy to organize our hectic schedule.Marsha Stone, CEO, Benchmark Recovery Center

About Us

Veronica Pike, Founder

Med2You was started in Austin, Texas by Veronica Pike, a nurse practitioner who experienced first hand the problems with our current healthcare system and resolved to find a way to fix them. Med2You is her solution.

The Med2You approach to medicine emphasizes personalized, affordable healthcare that puts patients, not profit margins, first. We focus on primary care, preventative healthcare, and we work with our clients to help them create a healthy lifestyle that focuses on the individual needs of each patient.

At Med2You, we believe that clients should be an active partner in the healthcare provided to their employees and clientele. As such, we spend time with you. We listen to what you have to say. We treat you with care, compassion, dignity and respect.

Dr. Thomas J. Kim, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Thomas J. Kim has devoted his professional life towards realizing a quality and value based approach to caring for vulnerable populations through telehealth care.

Dr. Kim has served in multiple leadership and management positions as a practitioner, educator, investigator, strategist, and advocate. His experience covers a wide range of environments including post disaster areas, international collaborations, correctional institutions, military installations, and geriatric facilities. His efforts have largely focused on collaborative care model development, service optimization, and long term sustainability.

Dr. Kim received his BA in Philosophy from Georgetown University and MD, MPH from Tulane University. Dr. Kim continued at Tulane to complete a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry and General Medicine Fellowship in Health Services Research. Upon completing his training, Dr. Kim accepted a faculty position at Johns Hopkins University where his interests quickly narrowed to the field of telehealth and its promise to resolve the significant and continuing challenges facing health care delivery today. Following the birth of his son, Dr. Kim moved to Austin, TX where he realized the added value of telehealth by continuing to build his practice and experience despite moving across the country.

Upon meeting the leadership team at Med2You, Dr. Kim found true partners who share his vision of caring for patients with efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

Thomas J. Kim

Griffin Mulcahey, Co-Founder

Griffin has experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. Following law school, Griffin worked in healthcare policy development and project management for the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C, overseeing Affordable Care Act programmatic implementation.

In 2012 Griffin shifted to representing private sector healthcare entities as an associate with Epstein Becker, & Green, P.C. in the firm’s Chicago office. As regulatory counsel, Griffin provided advice for healthcare companies expanding uses of cost effective healthcare delivery alternatives including telemedicine and utilization of mid-level providers. In addition, Griffin counseled healthcare clients on state regulatory requirements pertaining to corporate formation, service contracting and the corporate practice of medicine.

In 2014, Griffin became an advisor to Med2You, eventually joining Veronica full-time as Co-Founder in April, 2015. The combination of Veronica’s clinical background and Griffin’s health regulatory and business background provide the executive leadership team with the skills to manage and grow Med2You today and in the future. - Co-Founder, COO & General Counsel.